Chinese dad creates Iron Man suit for his little kid

Iron Man suit DIY

In this fast paced life working parents get very less time to interact with their kids, only on weekends perhaps. But an intuitive DIY can compensate for all that lost time as your kids get overwhelmed with joy at the niche creation. A Chinese dad, Huang Chu from the Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province who didn’t get much time to spend with his son apart from the few minutes of bedtime stories in the evening decided to give his child a gift that is priceless. An Iron Man suit with his own creative twist that cost him only 300 Yuan (US$49) and a month to put together.

With no prior knowledge of designing such a suit, Huang decided to make an Iron Man suit as his son loves superheros draped in costumes that are very niche. Made from EVA plastic sheets and spray paint, Huang incorporated his own creative thinking by painting 180cm tall suit in yellow color and making a Yin Yang sign on the palm of the hand. To show his sign of respect for the nation, Huang even painted the suit in Chinese flag colors.

I got to say this, Huang is one superdad who has given his kid something that he’ll rejoice for the rest of his life. And as far as his son, we’ll he is elated by his dad’s creation and is eager to grow tall and wear this Iron Man suit one day. For now he brags around in his block with pictures of his dad in this yellow Iron Man suit.

Source: ETToday



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