Balolo Wooden Cover PlayStation 4 sets your gaming console apart from the rest

Balolo Wooden Cover PlayStation 4

Want a classy wooden cover for your PlayStation 4, then you are in luck as Balolo has come up with a very sleek Wooden Cover PlayStation 4. The world’s first ever genuine wood cover that is just .7mm thin and embraces all the details of your favorite gaming console. Crafted to perfection in Germany, the covers are made from the finest wood that will give a very unique look to your PlayStation 4 while you are engrossed playing your favorite gaming titles.

Balolo Wooden Cover PlayStation 4

Balolo Wooden Cover PlayStation 4 will come in a plethora of options for the upper and lower part (separate options for both) including walnut, bamboo or cherry wood. You can either order the wooden cover or go for the complete package including the Sony PlayStation 4 and it will be delivered to your doorstep within 14-21 days.

If you choose to have the wooden cover only, then it will set you back €149.90 ($207) and if would like to have the PlayStation included it will set you back €599.99 ($828).

Balolo Wooden Cover PlayStation 4



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