Cryptic Snapwatch with flexible display looks like a plastic smartwatch

Snapwatch smartwatch

With the technology world going bizzark over smartwatch development, a very different kind of flexible smartwatch has managed to catch out eye. SnapWatch is a flexible smartwatch that has been designed is a very unique way of deciding the form factor first, and then deciding on the functionality. Based on a bistable electrochromic display from Sweden-based Acreo, this smartwatch is a slap band like wearable device which is still in the prototype version. The only thing that makes it different from other smartwatches is the flexible display that can be twisted or turned in any way, making sure that it fits your hand comfortably without the need for any buckles or fasteners. However the smartwatch doesn’t look that upbeat in terms of the competition that it has got from other smartwatches that we has seen thus far.

Snapwatch smartwatch
The smartwatch has a very old school watch like display and the two button controlled functioning reminds of the old Casio watches. The possible features included in Snapwatch could be fitness tracking and notification alerts from your phone.

Snapwatch smartwatch

The operating system or the functionality of this smartwatch is yet not revealed very clearly by the company, and it could have something that would make it completely lovable to the smartwatch fanatics.

Acreo CEO Vincent Douglas has filed several patents in UK, USA, China and Europe to protect this design and he is looking for partners with application ideas to license it.

Snapwatch smartwatch




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