SmatMio stimulates your muscles just like workout training

SmartMio muscle stimulating wearable gadget

If you want to get the muscle power without working out, then some intelligent minds assisted by technology have the odds right in your court. SmartMio, the world’s first ever wearable device that functions as a sports muscle stimulator is well on its way to becoming a full blown product as it is doing good on Indiegogo platform. This intelligent wearable device stimulates your brain into sending the same signals to contract and workout the muscles in the same way as a good muscle workout in the gym would do. Using the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technique, SmartMio connects to your smartphone (Android or iOS) for a very precise muscle training regime without even exhausting yourself.

SmartMio became the first ever wearable muscle stimulator that was worn by an expedition team to Mount Everest for recovery and replenishment of muscles after long days of climbing.

SmartMio has self-sticking bio-compatible electrode pads that stick to any muscle of your body and once you initiate the training program the rest is all done by the device. This revolutionary gadget can be worn under the clothes sans any discomfort and is small enough to carry along with you all the time as it weighs just 25 grams and measures 14mm x 60mm x 43mm. The company is aiming it for sports athletes and people who have to keep their body in perfect shape all the time. For example football players, cyclists, basketball players or gymnasts who have to workout their specific muscles for peek performance in games all the time.

The wearable device is not a replacement for actual workout schedule but an assistive device that helps in warming up the body before heavy muscle training, toning your muscles, speeding the muscle recovery process, workout specific area of muscles that require attention and increase blood flow to relax the muscles after the workout regime.

SmartMio will be compatible with Android Wear smartwatches to take wearable device experience to the next level as app developers explore the possibilities of its hardware.

SmartMio will achieve its funding goal of $50,000 in all probability as it has already amassed over $35,000 with more than 40 days still to go. The wearable muscle stimulator is expected to be delivered to project backers in November and the price tag of $89 for one SmartMio device along with 4 sets of electrodes is worth every penny.

SmartMio muscle stimulating wearable gadget

Source: IndiegogoVia: Gizmag



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