Glaucus quadruped robot morphs into any shape sans any moving parts

Glaucus soft robot quadruped 3D printed

First look at this robot without any mechanical parts and it reminds me of Flubber. A form changing silicone robot that is 3D printed and changes shape via the inflating interior chambers. Glaucus (named after Blue Sea Slug Glaucus Atlanticus) is an open source quadruped robot designed by Super-Releaser that is capable of reproducing any body shape and even walk like a salamander by balancing on a pair of legs.

The hollow interior chambers deform/bend to make any shape and this very bending is also responsible or the robot crawling forward like an insect. The project is open source and gives opportunities to other brainy developers in coming up with some really useful applications.

Some of the applications include making prosthetics that are more accurate than some of the artificial limbs under development or making an artificial padding outside the arm joint for stoke rehabilitation.

Via: AdaFruit/Thingiverse



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