Steampunk smartphone case with cooling fans

Steampunk smartphone case

Hiroto Ikeuchi, the maker of Diorama PC case mod everytime seems to surprise us with his amazing creations. This time around he has managed to come up with a smartphone case that is incomparable to any other smartphone accessory in the market. A smartphone case which has the look of a geeky steampunk phone and is loaded with fans on top the battery, graphics board and lens for cooling down your phone while gaming. The original back cover of the phone has been removed and all this tech installation gives you phone a unique look.

The cooling fan on top of the lens area is detachable and can be removed when you want to take pictures. Whereas all other parts like the SIM card slot or microSD card slot are left a bit exposed. There is a movable round ring on the bottom left hand side of the case which is there just for the looks and can be moved out of the screen area when needed.

Although there are no details of the DIY but by the look of things it seems that Hiroto has used an iPhone for this awe-inspiring project. If you think that you can buy this iPhone case then there is some bad news, as it is a one off creation. Only if you can be so daring to make one for yourself just have a look at pictures closely and try to emulate Hiroto’s creation.



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