$75,000 Supercraft is sleekly designed high performance hovercraft

Mercier Jones Supercraft hovercraft

Chicago-based Mercier Jones has designed a two-seated hovercraft christened Supercraft that has style and luxury written all over it. Perfect blend of a marine vehicle that has a very compact form factor with sleek design inspired from the aerospace industry standards and supercars like Bugatti Veyron or Maserati Gran Turismo; the Supercraft has carbon fiber seats inspired from Formula-1 cars, making it a water/land craft worth riding. The open cockpit, front grills and side decks like a boat give it a very distinguished look that make the conventional hovercrafts look outdated in design as well as size. The thrust ports on the side give the hovercraft an extra boost of speed as it can reach a top speed of 128 km/h on land and 64 km/h on water.

The craft is propelled forward by a petrol engine that generates electricity for the dual electric motors connected to the drive system. For reserve power a battery pack is used that gives the hovercraft a good boost of speed on both land and water.

Mercier Jones Supercraft hovercraft

Mercier Jones have plan to beat the hovercraft land-speed record of 90 km/h and water-speed record of 139 km/h in testing runs this summer.

On the technology front Supercraft is upbeat with an Android display, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. For a chilled drink while enjoying your ride in Supercraft, there is refrigerated drink storage space too.
This high performance hovercraft is capable of traversing icy roadways and sand paths, making it an all-terrain craft that is in its own league. The 10 gallon fuel capacity tank makes sure you don’t have to make a pit stop on your weekend journey aboard the Supercraft.

Mercier Jones Supercraft will come in the initial lot of ten collector’s edition units available from May 15th for a price tag of $75,000 (upwards), and 50 more hovercrafts will be manufactured in October 2014.

Mercier Jones Supercraft hovercraft



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