Smartphone-powered head mounted display by Seebright

Seebright head mounted virtual reality display with smartphone

Since Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook for $2 million, the stakes for developing head-mounted virtual reality displays have raised. Seebright seems to be heading in the right direction with its augmented reality head-mounted display prototype that mounts your smartphone on top so that the content can be mirrored and projected onto the eyes. The virtual reality head mounted display prototype was shown off at the Game Developers Conference 2014 which was a bulky head gear projecting smartphone’s display on a mirror which then reflected the content into eyes of the wearer.

Closing the gap between virtual reality headsets and smartphones, this new approach towards immersive AR display puts forth crisp stereoscopic images and 3D graphics without disrupting the view of wearer. The head mount also comes with the first ever wireless controller that supports precise user control for gaming since the user cannot touch the smartphone screen as it is mounted on the headset itself.

Seebright head mounted virtual reality display with smartphone

According to John Murray, CEO and co-founder Seebright

We imagined a head-mounted display that leaves your eyes open to the world around you. With a mix of unique engineering in optics, electronics, software and ergonomics the Seebright Platform enables enhanced reality in both AR and VR, affordable for everyone, accessible anywhere they go.

Seebright head mounted display is going to have a transparent screen that will allow the user to get immersed in a virtual reality environment while still being aware of what’s happening around.

Although Seebright is not that upbeat with other head mounted displays that take VR to the next level but it remains to be seen what more features will be induced to change that.

Seebright head mounted virtual reality display with smartphone

Source: Seebright



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