Wearable Gymwatch sensor analyses your isolated muscle training program

Gymwatch sensor

Working out in the gym with full dedication surely ensures that you move one step closer to your long term goal of personal fitness and lean muscular body. But can you be sure that the amount of energy you are exerting in building up your muscles is put to good use? You could be doing things the wrong way, and at the end of the day getting disappointed about not achieving what you set out on doing. A coach can be of good help but to get a pin point analyses of your every single workout regime in the gymnasium you need technology by your side.

Gymwatch sensor

Gymwatch sensor is a wearable gadget that measures every single aspect of your isolation muscle training for particular body parts. For example if you are training to gain size for the triceps, then Gymwatch sensor will record the muscle gain and other aspects and present all the analysis overtime. Combine Gymwatch with SmartMio muscle stimulator and you are all set for a high end workout session.

Gymwatch takes muscle training to the next level by measuring strength and motion of every exercise. It keeps track of your reps, speed, the correct posture and intensity control for a very professional like fitness training program that helps immensely overtime as you gain muscles.

Gymwatch sensor

The smartphone compatible app for Android and iPhone then loads all the data from the device and provides you with all the in-depth analysis like the maximum strength, power, calories burned, stroke rate etc. to provide with enough information so that you can make subtle changes to achieve goals. You can also track your progress on GYMWATCH Web-Portal for management of your training program and analysis.

Gymwatch sensor

Gymwatch is all set to debut on Indiegogo crowd-funding platform from 30th March, and we expect European release in July for the price of €149. For those who contribute on Indiegogo, Gymwatch could cost as less as $99.

Gymwatch sensor


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