Meditrek Meruru: Insert and remove contact lenses without touching the fingers

Meditrek Meruru insert and remove contact lenses without touching the fingers

Most people find it very difficult to insert and remove soft contact lenses, and it hurts in the eyes too, which can result in frustration. For this very reason people opt not use contact lenses and go for the good old glasses. To overcome this problem Yokohama based Meditrek has released Meruru which allows for hassle free insertion and removal of lenses without touching the fingers. Made from silicone material, Meruru stick-shaped inserter that functions as tweezers, makes it very easy for the user to manage contact lens removal and insertion.

Meruru can be used by people of all ages and it doesn’t hamper the eye lens in any way or damage the eye. The accessory is also suitable for people with aphakic eyes (lack of lenses in the eye) as the contact lenses don’t fall off the finger.

Meditrek Meruru is available only in Japan for the time being at a price of 1,980 Yen (US $19.50), and the company has plans to sell it worldwide over the course of next few months.

Source: DigInfo



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