3D printed skull saves a woman’s life in Netherlands

3D printed skull

In an unbelievable turn of events, medical science and cutting edge manufacturing technology joined hands to save a young woman’s life. 22 year old woman (name not disclosed) from Netherlands was suffering from a chronic bone disorder that resulted in her skull getting thick by 1.5cm to 5cm, thereby causing painful headaches and problems with eyesight. So the best solution though out by neurosurgeons at the University Medical Centre Utrecht was to replace her top part of the skull with a 3D printed implant that provided her relief from the ongoing suffering.

3D printed skull

This apparently became the first ever instance of a successful 23 hour operation where 3D printed cranium was not rejected by the patient’s body. According to Dr Verweij surgery was the only way to get rid of this problem and only 3D printing was the viable solution to the problem of a replacement skull that was an exact replica of patient’s skull. He added by saying that if the operation would not have been performed, inevitably she would have lost her life as the thickness of her skull was going to crush her brain.

The 3D printed skull is made from an unspecified durable plastic material and the surgeons have been amazed by the results as the woman has got her sight back and the headaches have subsided. The surgery was performed 3 months ago, but not released the details of the surgery, and only now the details have been released.

Via: Wired



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