Futuristic XBody Newave with special body suit for full body training

XBody Newave personal trainer

It’s not easy to follow dedicated exercise regime at home, but once you choose the XBody Newave, you can surely head on to the right track. A perfect equipment for workout at home, the XBody Newave made from high-quality materials is ideal for fitness studios too. Made to change the way we sloths perceive exercising, the XBody has a very ergonomic design which allows the equipment to fit in 2 square meter area. The compact XBody Newave is available in free standing, portable and flower options, and depending your requirement, you can choose the equipment.

Designed as an EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) full body trainer using impulse current, the XBody Newave works with an accompanying special suit which meets every users need and connects with the XBody using a pair of cables. The suit has EMS electrodes that allow the brain’s electrical impulses (which control our muscles) to reach the deeper muscle layer, not otherwise possible with conventional training.

The XBody Newave features a 10-inch touchscreen, and to ensure personal training to each user, it comes with a special software. The software, which is regularly update and supplied to the user on a XBody USB drive, allows every different user to set his preferred language, record statistics and training schedule. For salon use, the XBody Newave also lets different users to store their profiles and records. Home users can also benefit with the XBody’s video training module – which lets you train all by yourself.

There is no word on the price or when the XBody Newave and its special body suit will be available for purchase. However, it will be demonstrated at FIBO (world trade show for fitness, health and wellness) from April 3 to 6 at Cologne, Germany.

Source: XBody



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