Starfleet Machine L’Epée 1839 by MB&F draws inspiration from Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine

MB&F Starfleet Machine clock BaselWorld

At Baselworld 2014 conceptual micro-engineering lab MB & has put on show a very unique timepiece designed by L’Epée, Switzerland’s only remaining specialised high-end clock manufacture founded in 1839. The desk clock, Starfleet Machine L’Epée 1839 takes inspiration from Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine is one of the most visually stunning desk clock designs that I have seen so far. It sits on top of a flat surface and looks nothing less than a well-designed futuristic looking timepiece from another world.

MB&F Starfleet Machine clock BaselWorld

The hours and minutes of this watch are displayed by a hand-polished curved indicator pointing towards the center of dome, while the 40 days power reserve is indicated with a small radar screen next to it. For example if there is one bar one the power reserve indicator then it means there is 8 days of power left in the watch. Right below the 12 o’clock indicator on central hour-minute dome are retrograde seconds like laser cannons with turret on top. And the cross-over of these cannons mark 20 second intervals on the timepiece.

MB&F Starfleet Machine clock BaselWorld

Starfleet Machine has an accuracy of +-2 minutes over the complete 40 days reserve. The timepiece has all-encompassing transparent biosphere dome made from polished Plexiglass that gives it a very round look with three different arcs.

MB&F designed L’Epée Starfleet Machine is a limited edition timepiece coming in only 175 pieces, as a way to celebrate their 175th year anniversary. The watch will come in silver and black editions at a price of 28,000 CHF (approx. US$31,500).

MB&F Starfleet Machine clock BaselWorld

According to MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser, who designed the Starfleet Machine with ECAL design graduate Xin Wang

The more I create, the more I want to create. When I started MB&F I only had the ideas for HM1 and HM2. With all the challenges present in the MB&F design, the craftsmen balanced the standards of each brand and invoked the identity of both.

MB&F Starfleet Machine clock BaselWorld

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