Spray-on bandage capable of protecting and healing serious wounds

Spray on bandage

Spray-on a surgical bandage and your wound would be dressed to perfection. Working on a new medical project, researchers from the University of Maryland have made a spray-on bandage that is made from biodegradable material which takes the shape of the wounded body part, protecting it from any kind of infections. First the researchers used commercial airbrush to spray-on the biodegradable bandage but then they decide to use a biodegradable polymer called poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid)-PLGA in a mixture of acetone to achieve the desired result. The spray-on bandage can lay fibers of diameter 370 nanometers and as soon as you spray the bandage onto the affected area, the acetone content in it evaporates.

In tests the nanofiber bandage was able to seal diaphragm hernias and surgical incisions in lungs/intestines within few days and the biodegradable nanofiber decayed in just 42 days when applied to liver of a pig. The prototypes of this new technology are going through safety studies and pretty soon will enter animal surgical trials.

The prospect of applying biomaterials onto the tissue directly has immense benefits and decreases the healing time considerably with reduction in the chances of developing an infection. Moreover the ease of application of such spray-on bandage will mean less hassle and complete covering of the wound from all directions.

Source: ACSMacroLetters/CEN.ACS Via: Gizmodo



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