Lawn mower + ATV + Electric generator = Raven MPV7100S

Raven MPV7100S vehicle

A lawn mower, ATV or a quick use generator? The Raven MPV7100S powered by a 4200CC gas engine is a lawn mower that morphs into an ATV to carry load or a generator whenever extra power is needed. MVP7100S has removable 46-inch mowing deck that can mow a field at speed of 6 miles per hour and a turning radius of 14 inches for easily taking tight corners. When the mowing deck is removed, the vehicle transforms into an ATV that can tow cargo of half a ton and touch top speed of 17 miles per hour.

That is not it, the gas engine of the vehicle acts as a power source for the 7100 watt generator which is capable of running any electric tools whenever needed. Raven MPV7100S is your ideal replacement for lawn mower, medium weight towing vehicle and electric power generator as it inherits the properties of all these working tools.

Raven MPV7100S vehicle

The vehicle is up for pre-order but its pricing is not clear at this time. If it manages to keep the cost down below all the three combined together then it could be a great hit with people who have multiple tasks to do and require one solution to all of them.

Raven MPV7100S vehicle

Via: Uncrate/Gizmodo



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