Become invisible to surveillance cameras with the Justice Cap

Justice Caps

Freedom is everything, and while you walk on the streets your freedom could be impeached by surveillance cameras and face recognition cameras put in place by the authority. If you don’t want to reveal much about your identity, and lead a secretive life the only option left is to not leave the secure perimeters of your house. Or perhaps you could get yourself a Justice Cap. A cap that makes your face unidentifiable to surveillance cameras. More like a baseball hat, the Justice Cap has a set of LEDs on top that has anti-camera technology to white out your face whenever a camera is trying to recognize your face.

The LEDs emit a low red light and don’t light up the area in front of you, but as soon as a camera focuses on your face all it can see is bright white light nothing else. So if someone looks at your hat it will only show red light LEDs that are barely noticeable but as soon as a camera sees your face you’ll magically become invisible, a person without any identity.

9 LEDs of the Justice Cap are placed on brim of the hat, and to power them up a battery pack is hidden inside the sweatband. All this for just $15 a piece from the product page and you’ll never ever be secretly viewed by cameras.

The cap works at any time of the day or night, 24×7 and our advice is not to use it for any illegal activities.

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