Apple working on interchangeable lens smartphone and tablet

Apple interchangable lens camera device

Apple could very well be on the way to making world’s first interchangeable lens smartphone as they have been issued U.S. Patent No. 8,687,299 by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that allows iOS device to be fitted with a bayonet mount. The bayonet mount apparently is used in photography as a lens attachment mechanism to attach various camera lenses. Other methods of mounting camera lenses include cases with built-in screw mounts or magnetic mounts both of which are very impractical and impeach the basic design of a smartphone/tablet and not secure as well.

Apple interchangable lens camera device

For this very reason Apple is looking at bayonet like solution for the device’s rear camera bezel. The patent clearly suggests that the bayonets will be hidden well inside the camera skirting and when one needs to attach the lens it can be securely aligned. The bayonet inserts are designed in such a way that it locks the lens securely to the phone with the help of detents and inserts.

Apple interchangable lens camera device

To make sure that the lens mounted onto the Apple device won’t pose a risk if dropped from height, the bayonet mechanism will have a ramped surface for decoupling of lens without rotating.

Apple interchangable lens camera device

It is not sure when or whether this technology will say daylight but if Apple is planning to incorporate the interchangeable lens feature into its upcoming iPhone 6 or other iOS devices then it could be great news for photography fanatics.

Apple interchangable lens camera device

Credit: AppleInsider



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