GlySens ICGM – Noninvasive glucose monitoring sensor makes you forget about diabetes

GlySens ICGM System glucose monitoring system

When we talk about diabetes, there are lot of problems that come along with it. The foremost being the hassle of monitoring the blood glucose level by pricking the finger for blood. Or maybe even the latest implanted sensors that require frequent calibration and replacement. To get over this basic problem with diabetes related care, GlySens is working on quarter-sized glucose monitoring system that is implanted into patient’s body and works for over one year before needing replacement. GlySens ICGM System is one solution that will improve the lifestyle of diabetes patients as they won’t be required to take blood samples for keeping a check on their glucose levels. All they would need to do is monitor the glucose levels on a device that is paired with the sensors implanted in the body.

The system works by maintaining proper contact with body tissues and keeping a check on the blood glucose levels 24×7. This is done by examining the oxygen level in the blood as the enzymes on the membrane that covers an electro-chemical detector interact with oxygen molecules.

When there are abnormalities of variation in the levels, the system issues an alert on the compatible device and the patient can then consult their doctor or take the prescribed medicine for any such situation.

Otherwise the patient can check their glucose levels anytime of the day or night without the need to prick their fingers for blood samples. All that is to be done is simply open the device and monitor the data that is being fed in real time by the implanted sensors.

The device has been undergoing clinical trials and already 6 patients have successfully tested it in real time with good results as the patients forgot that they had a device implanted and seamlessly kept a check on their blood glucose levels. GlySens ICGM System is all set to hit the markets in two years’ time as it has to still go through many clinical trials and approvals in the European market with plan to get FDA approval as well.

Researchers at GlySens are hard at work to extend the use of this system beyond glucose level monitoring as they have modified the sensors to monitor lactate levels after high exertion activities like trekking or workout.



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