Smartphone compatible peak flow meter for asthma patients

Smartphone compatible My Spiroo Peak flow meter

Being an asthma patient you very well know the problems that accompany this ailment. Checking the air passing through lungs using peak flow meter and assessing the allergens that can trigger bronchial attack. All this can be a real hassle, and at the end of the day doesn’t help much, rather than giving you a momentary analysis as these are just mechanical tools with no capability to analyze the reading over time. Dr. Lukasz Koltowski and Peter Bajtala however, are all set to change that with their smartphone compatible peak flow meter named My Spiroo.

Smartphone compatible My Spiroo Peak flow meter

This portable device saves your time and frees you from the hassle of taking readings in physical form on paper by sending all the reading to your smartphone and maintaining them in a compatible app. That means you can keep track of your breathing ailments over a long period of time and also share it with your doctor for further treatment.

Smartphone compatible My Spiroo Peak flow meter

The device is going to have geological and static information in the app which allows the doctors to collect asthma data from users worldwide. Thereby giving a good insight into the probable areas where asthma attacks might escalate due to pollutant levels or pollen infestation.

Smartphone compatible My Spiroo Peak flow meter

My Spiroo is going to come in two versions, one is the pro version which will be available for doctors and the patient-only version. This innovative peak flow meter takes a huge leap from the traditional ones and if all goes to plan My Spiroo is going to see the production lines this year. Apparently this product won the second place in a Polish startup festival so it looks all bright to get this peak flow meter into the palms of asthma sufferers worldwide.

Smartphone compatible My Spiroo Peak flow meter

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