Emotion-sensing gaming controller senses player’s stress level to change in-game difficulty

Emotion sensing gaming controller

Stanford Emotion Sensing Bio Gamepad

Do you get bored while playing your favorite game just because it isn’t tough enough? For instance the number of automobiles coming from opposite direction are not enough to challenge your driving skills in a racing game? Then Stanford electrical engineer, Gregory Kovas and Texas Instruments are working on that element of gaming to make it tough as the player needs it without changing settings in the gameplay interface. They have modded an Xbox 360 controller with a 3D printed plastic module loaded with sensors, so that it can measure your biological data in real-time and change the gaming elements. Meaning that it doesn’t get too difficult or too easy for your while playing your favorite games.

One sensor measure user’s vital body stats as there are small metal pads on controller’s surface while another sensor gives all the data about heart rate and the amount of shaking or movement in the controller. On the other hand custom-built software keeps a check on the intensity of gaming, ready to change the difficulty depending on player’s stress level.

This kind of interactive gaming technology would constantly measure your heart rate, skin temperature, perspiration, stress level etc. to determine whether you are challenged by the current gaming situation or the time has come to make it even more difficult for you.

The system uses the study of autonomic nervous system, which is the emotional part of your brain and registers body changes when there is activity. This activity therefore changes your heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, perspiration and other key bodily processes. Measuring them gives an idea that what brain is going through.

According to Corey McCall, a doctoral candidate in Kovacs’ lab

If a player wants maximum engagement and excitement, we can measure when they are getting bored and, for example, introduce more zombies into the level. We can also control the game for children. If parents are concerned that their children are getting too wrapped up in the game, we can tone it down or remind them that it’s time for a healthy break.

The modded gaming controller was shown off at CES this year and it had a lot of following as gamers liked the idea of controlling the game elements depending on their body physics.

Source: Stanford



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