Orchestra: Retro-styled wooden casing for Jawbone Big Jambox

Orchestra wooden casing for Jawbone Big Jambox

Jeffery Stephenson from Mcalpin, Florida has a knack of making beautifully crafted wodden cases which was apparent from his earlier creations like Flightline and DuMont. Now he is again in the limelight with his perfectly hand-made casing for Jawbone Big Jambox that draws inspiration from 1961 Curtis Mathes stereo console. Dubbed as Orchestra, the mid-century decorative housing made from mahogany wood/American black walnut for Jawbone Big Jambox reminds us of the magical 60s and 70s era when televisions and radios were a big hit.

Orchestra wooden casing for Jawbone Big Jambox

So why is it called Orchestra? Well, the name came from an episode of Mad Men when Pete Campbell while describing his new stereo console says “You would expect to open the doors and find a tiny orchestra in there.”

Orchestra wooden casing for Jawbone Big Jambox

Sadly this amazingly crafted casing for Jawbone Big Jambox is not for sale, however you can get a fair idea on how to make one for yourself from the pictures and perhaps add your own creativity to come up with your version.

Orchestra wooden casing for Jawbone Big Jambox_3

Canada Dry Rooti Root Beer can circa 1964 to compliment Orchestra’s look

In the videos given below Jeffery Stephenson explains how to fit the Jawbone Big Jambox Bluetooth speaker and change the speaker grills if get bored with the color already present.

How to install Jawbone Big Jambox inside Orchestra

# When you need to change the speaker grill color



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