Meteor Vibrating Watch for visually impaired

Meteor Vibrating Watch for visually impaired

For people who are blind and deaf, Meteor Vibrating Watch by Alexandravision is the ideal solution to keep accurate track of time, as other normal watches simply don’t work for them. This quartz watch is specially designed keeping in mind the difficulty blind people might face when they are alone and want to check what time it is. The watch looks like a contoured remote with three push buttons that indicate hours, minutes and seconds. To keep things simple and non-confusing for the user, no other buttons or asymmetric patterns are indented into the watch and only a tiny screw on the back side for battery replacement is there. So how exactly does Meteor Vibrating Watch keep track of time?

It uses vibrating patterns, short and long to indicate the time. To know the hour, tens of minute or single minute you just have to press the corresponding button and then the vibrating pulses will indicate the time. A short pulse is equivalent to 1 unit and long vibration indicates 5 units. So for example if your press the hour button and then there are long-short-long vibrations then it indicates 5+1+5 which is equal to 11. Similarly, when you press the tens of minutes and single minute button.

Meteor Vibrating Watch for visually impaired

Let’s take another example, when you press the top button you get three short pulses; the middle button gives 0 pulse and bottom gives one long pulse. This will indicate three hours, o tens minute and 5 single minutes. Meaning that the time is 03:05.

The watch however doesn’t tell whether it’s AM or PM but that should be sorted out as at least the wearer would have a fair idea if its day or night. One other flaw that the watch has is its inability to update time if you keep on pushing buttons constantly. You have to wait for at least one minute before you can again check the correct time.

Meteor Vibrating Watch is the best solution for blind people thus far as it gives them the ability to keep track of time without being dependent on other people. And for the price of $117 it is the ideal solution to making blind people’s life a tad easier and it is completely waterproof too.



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