This home-made tank is a gift from Chinese dad to his son

Homemade tank

Every father wants to gift their children the best things in child’s life, maybe a video game or even a toy car. But a Chinese dad had other ideas as he gifted his son a homemade tank that he crafted out himself. Jian Lin, a 31-year old farmer from Mianzhu village in Sichuan province, who served in the Chinese navy wanted to gift his son something that he would be proud of, so came to his mind the idea of building an operational tank. The three ton tank has everything from a gun turret to a driving unit similar to a real tank and is modelled on People’s Liberation Army’s Type 63A light tanks.

Homemade tank

The 4.5 meters long and 2.1 meters tank is built from wheels of a tractor, engine of a truck and a refitted gearbox. It cost him 40,000 Yuan ((HK$50,300) and almost 2 months to complete the tank.

Homemade tank

The tank has a door that is low enough for his son to board it and drives like any average vehicle.
Jian took the tank for a spin in his village and he even fired rounds from the tank’s turret, although it is not clear whether they were real ammunition or fake.

Homemade tank

Jian could however land himself in trouble for making this tank if he has not sought the permission of authorities as it is illegal to make unsanctioned weapons under Chinese law. It could even hand him a 10 year jail sentence.
Although we can hope that Jian has got that sorted out and he even has plans to make an amphibious tank that can drive through water and even on land.


Homemade tank




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