A drone that is a graffiti artist

graffiti drone by KATSU

KATSU the famous artist, graphics designer, vandal and hacker based in New York is once again in the news with his latest interpretation of what drones can be used for other than package delivery, in restaurants or rescue missions. His new project is all about attaching a spray can to a quadcopter and put its graffiti skills to the test. So why choose a drone to paint walls with random art? Well, there is a very good reason. Painting the walls of canvas with quadcopter means that the artist can get access to high walls that otherwise would be impossible to reach.

At the Silicon Valley Contemporary 2014 art fair, KATSU showed to the world what this quadcopter can do as he painted the large canvas with graffiti art that is unique in its own rights. After all it is the first ever artistic display by a drone of the painting skills.

KATSU has plans to fine tune the drone so that it can produce its own artwork without the need to maneuver it around. And he even wants to make the machine an open source technology so that artists worldwide can use such drones to paint their artwork. That would be some headache for the authorities, as they already have so many graffiti artists to look out for.

So, the question then would be. Who the real artist is, human or the machine? Any which way we could soon be seeing drones/quadcopters pushing the limits of graffiti beyond the street walls. Graffiti that would be hacking the skyscraper building walls!

graffiti drone by KATSU

Credit: MotherBoard



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