LazeeEye turns your smartphone into a 3D camera

Lazeeeye 3D camera for smartphone

Want to turn your smartphone into a 3D camera? Then you’ll have to do LazeeEye (Laser and Eye) some justice. A project up on Kickstarter morphs your smartphone into a 3D camera by using laser illuminator hardware and stereo vision processing app that makes your smartphone camera see like you would do in a real life situation. Let me explain, we see with two eyes and the image created is a 3D vision of the actual world but smartphone camera only has one lens to see from and therefore the image is a 2D interpretation of the real world. So, to counter this LazeeEye makes tricky use of laser illuminator to create a virtual second lens.

LazeeEye captures depth of the whole scene being captured and a detailed 3D structure of every physical detail. Unlike some other similar solutions like Project Tango by Google or Microsoft Kinect, the LazeeEye add-on for your smartphone is very economical to produce as it uses a smartphone’s inherent hardware to do the trick. To give you an idea, any one of the dedicated 3D image rendering products like Project Tango cost $500 upwards while LazeeEye would cost just $25 or even less!

The uses for such 3D camera are endless as it can be used for making 3D renderings, take measurements for home remodelling or edit the image with far better precision that 2D images.

LazeeEye has quite few days to go for funding amount to be achieved and if it finally manages to do it, your Android or iOS smartphone could be a potent 3D camera without much hassle.

Lazeeeye 3D camera for smartphone

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