X9 Follow Bluetooth-powered Golf trolley makes golfing fun and relaxing

X9 Follow Bluetooth-powered Golf trolley

We’ve seen some really innovative creations to facilitate golfers on the course. Yet, the X9 Follow – the first of its type Bluetooth-powered golf trolley makes a mark for itself. Designed and created by Stewart Golf, the X9 Follow is a compact and foldable trolley, which unfolds in one smooth movement. When unfolded for use, you simple have to open its front cover, connect the lightweight lithium-ion battery and put the cover on. X9 Follow comes with anti-rotation bungee cords, which are used to secure your bag with the trolley, so that when you are pushing it in the parking lots of pathways, your bag doesn’t tumble over.

X9 Follow Bluetooth-powered Golf trolley

Once on the golf course, you simple activate the X9 Follow’s follow feature (by pressing the green follow button on the accompanying remote control). Place the Bluetooth handset on your back pocket or belt and begin walking, the X9 Follow will start moving behind you (autonomously), until you come to a halt (to take a shot or to stop for a drink or snack). When you stop at the ball (or otherwise) the X9 Follow automatically stops a few paces behind you.

X9 Follow Bluetooth-powered Golf trolley

Then X9 Follow has two antennas on its rear motors, which are the key to its functioning. The antennas create two zones; a neutral zone and an active zone. When the headset is placed on the trolley (it is in the neutral zone) and the X9 Follow remains stationary, when the handset is removed and is at a particular distance, it enters the active zone and the X9 Follow begins moving automatically and independently without pressing anymore buttons. Apart from the Bluetooth functionality, the X9 Follow is completely remote control, you can speed it up, move it in any direction and also command it to reach the next tee before you get there. Easy to fold X9 Follow will be available in the UK beginning June 2014.



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