Vending machine that tweets whatever unhealthy you eat

Tweeting vending machine by Nottinghack

How would it feel if everytime you use a vending machine to get a snack or sweet, a tweet about your purchase is relayed back to your followers? That is what a bunch of UK-based group of artists called Nottingham Hackspace have managed to do. They have hacked a vending machine bought from eBay with Arduino controller and somehow connected the cash payment system with a small little reader which has RFID chip. Once the payment is authenticated the information is send over to Nottingham Hackspace server named Holly and it tweets your name along with the purchase you have made.

The man behind this hack is James Fowkes, who attached an ID-scanner and a coin mechanism to the vending machine. And going by the Internet of Things theme, this hack falls perfectly in the category of web connected devices that engage your social circles with what you are up to in your daily life.

However foodies might not really like this idea of tweeting every time they buy a chocolate or a calorie rich snack, but still it is a unique hack that will allow people to at least have a check on their eating habits.

Via: ReadWrite



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