Apek MaxPad – World’s first Windows 8.1 Multitouch TV that doubles as desktop display

Apek MaxPad Windows 8 TV

World’s first multi-touch TV with Windows 8.1 operating system is here and it boasts-off a 100 degree wide angle camera for video conferencing in high resolution. Announced by Apek (Brazil-based company), the MaxPad Touch TV has multi-point touchscreen, is powered by 3.8Ghz Quadcore AMD chip and ATI Radeon HD7660 graphics accelerator further enhances its performance for video output in high definition. And all this high-end hardware is stuffed in a 10mm thick frame and the total weight of 75grams makes it a light-weight LED TV for portable use. Apex MaxPad can be used like a desktop and an inclined table attachment orients it in any direction at a maximum angle of 45 degrees.

Apek MaxPad Windows 8 TV

On storage front too it has a 60 GB SSD and 500 GB HD to store your favorite multimedia content. Moreover the provided Universal remote control, Air Mouse and wireless keyboard make it a full-on entertainment TV for home as well as office use. The TV also comes with color customization options and different hardware configurations which all goes well for corporate houses in reflecting who they are.

MaxPad comes in 39”, 50” and 64.5” options with an expected price range of £16,000 – £30,000, and only 1000 units will be sold in one year followed by another 50,000 in the next five years.



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