Bajaboard: The ultimate motorized skateboard and a cool personal mobility vehicle

Bajaboard motorized skateboard fro urban users

A fast skateboard, speedy personal mobility vehicle or a reckless toy that would create havoc in the block if the wrong hands? You decide yourself. But for me it is more of a personal mobility vehicle that takes the form of a skateboard high on drugs. BajaBoard motorized skateboard is slightly bigger than an average skateboard and you wouldn’t expect anyone to pull-off a heelflip or nosegrind on it just because of its size. Apart from that BajaBoard is everything you would imagine to have in a skateboard and perhaps even more. BajaBoard has 12kW of power in total with independent power for all the four wheels that can hurl you up to a top speed of 50km/h and the wireless controller makes it super easy to maneuver the skateboard on any kind or terrain.

You can choose to have 4WD or 2WD control by toggling the dual throttle control; front or rear. This motorized skateboard is loaded with high tech spring and dynamic shock absorbers that allow you to take the odd jump or traverse on dirty roads. To make the skateboard lightweight, the deck is made from carbon fiber. BajaBoard also boast-off pneumatic all-terrain tires, dynamic wheel camber, caster and double wishbone suspension for a thrill filled ride on any kind of roads.

The best feature of BajaBoard is its ability to climb uphill with the same speed as you would do on levelled terrain. Moreover the prototype model goes 24km on one charge of the onboard lithium-ion battery but the makers are targeting at least 30km on one charge. Now that is something really cool.

Bajaboard motorized skateboard

Unleash your thrill quotient with BajaBoard

Clearly BajaBoard is one skateboard to have in your collection and it would be one hell of a ride on highways or picturesque landscape laden cross country roads. For now the project is u on Kickstarter for funding and we hope to see it achieve the funding goal soon.

Bajaboard motorized skateboard

Makers of BajaBoard



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