Cyborg glasses with robotic eyes express emotions for you

AgencyGlass by Hirotaka Osawa

Since, we belong to the society, it becomes mandatory for us to portray good manners and be at the most appropriate behavior all the time, just to be socially accepted and appreciated. To help us be at are human best, so people around us feel engaged all the time; Hirotaka Osawa, Professor at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, has developed cyborg glasses that express emotions for us. Dubbed the AgencyGlass, these freakish goggles mimic the appropriate emotions of the wearer’s eye movement when interacting with people.

Using couple of built-in sensors, a camera and a pair of robotic eyes, AgencyGlass cyborg glasses allow the wearer to face people around him/her with full interest, even when the wearer is busy looking down on his phone or taking a quick nap in the office. The glasses allow for a normal field of vision, so you can move about or follow your normal work routine wearing these glasses.

AgencyGlass by Hirotaka Osawa

Designed primarily to improve interactions in professions that demand emotional labor such as teaching or nursing, the AgencyGlass could be misused by students to fool their teachers during lectures. Glasses would allow them that secret break while sleeping with their robotic eyes wide open.  Scroll down for a tongue-in-cheek video that explains how AgencyGlass can improve emotional and social interaction.

Via: DailyDot



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