DIY MorpHex MKII transforms from a ball into a six-legged robot

MorpHex MKII robot by Kare Halvorsen

If you think robots are better of being autonomous in the 21st Century, a seasoned hobbyist Kåre Halvorsen has done it differently with his all new rolling/walking robot dubbed the MorpHex MKII. This robot transforms from a ball into a six-legged walking robot, and instead of being autonomous, is controlled using an R/C car-style remote control. Engineer Halvorsen’s transforming hexapod robot is an extension of the original MorpHex he built back in 2012. The spherical robot features a reinforced plastic body and is stuffed in with motors to facilitate refined movement.

Transforming robot MorpHex MKII is basically a double-hexapod, with two individual sections paired together to form one robot. The robot can both walk and roll around. It can open up like a flower to walk or can close into a ball shape to roll. The bot can also split mid-way for a more toy car-like functionality. A good inspiration of hobbyists, the MorpHex MKII can be controlled easily to walk in any terrain, or roll down hills when required. Transforming robot Transforming robot Transforming robot Transforming robot Transforming robot Via: SlashGear/LaughingSquid



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