Rip Curl Search GPS surf watch tracks every wave you ride

Rip Curl Search GPS watch

Whenever you go out on a surf wave adventure on torrid waters, all you need is unstoppable thrill of riding the waves. But won’t it be great if you could track all the vital statistics of your surfboard adventure? Everything from the number of waves you have concurred to the top speed you’ve achieved during your session. Rip Curl Search GPS watch is the world’s first GPS surf watch which tracks every wave you rode, and the detailed pattern of the distance you traversed during each session. This helps you in getting a very detailed insight of your surfing sessions overtime to track progress and also get a fair idea of the locations where you have performed well.

Rip Curl Search GPS watch

Rip Curl Search GPS watch is synched with Rip Curl Search App that gives you every little detail on surfing sessions along with the maps that show your surfing path. So, essentially it is your tracker for analyzing surf wave activity and improving on current and previous performances without much hassle.

The watch is a bit bulky by the looks of it, but then you wouldn’t expect so much technology being stuffed inside a small form factor. Anyways it is a good gadget to have when you take your surfing sessions very seriously.

Rip Curl is up for pre-order now from the product website but there is no information on the pricing or availability.

Via: SurferToday



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