Jedi Putter trains golfers for an accurate putt with multisensory, real-time feedback

Jeff Fitlow

Over the years engineers have tried remodeling the physics of putter used in golf. There have been significant improvements, but the Jedi Putter, first multisensory, real-time tactile feedback training putter sets to make the game even more competitive. Designed for intermediate golfers to help them learn consistent putting strokes, the Jedi Putter is a brainchild of Ray Simar and his team of five engineers from the Rice University.

The training putter has been embedded with an ARM processor, a nine axis sensor, an accelerometer, a gyrometer and a magnetometer in the head of the club, which help the putter provide golfers with audio, visual and tactile feedback to help them learn a consistent and accurate putting stroke.

The sensors in the head of the club provides real-time feedback to the golfer via the grip of the Jedi Putter. This allow the golfer to practice consistent putting so that they can be trained to hit the spot accurately every time. Team Jedi’s (as the engineering team calls itself) prototype putter sends vibration signals to the club’s grip when the club’s head moves up or down, or when the club doesn’t move in a straight path while a stroke is played. The idea here is that while the Jedi Putter is in motion of the putt, it delivers audio, visual and tactile feedback to help the player autocorrect his stroke until perfected.

Interestingly, the Jedi Putter provides this data via Bluetooth to a smartphone or computer, so players can analyze the performance and their strokes. Team Jedi is planning to include a speaker and a laser in the club’s head for more specific training.

Via: RiceUniversity



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