Tree felling robot is your modern day lumberjack

Tarzan Tree felling robot

Felling trees on steep terrain comes with an array of dangers for the tree fellers. To counter this and make tree felling a less risky proposition, a tree-to-tree robot dubbed Tarzan has been designed by a group of Canterbury engineering students. This award-winning robot can safely move from tree to tree like a chimpanzee and harvest trees on very steep and tricky terrain. Tarzan is one lumberjack that would not get tangled in obstacles and also not disturb the soil.

Tarzan Tree felling robot

The lightweight robot is complete with working wrists and grippers, making sure that it can move from one tree to the other without any problem as it goes down felling trees. A quarter-scale model of the robot was tested in simulated environment with trees equivalent to the scaled down height.

Tarzan is controlled remotely with a joystick and connectivity to a laptop, making it do the dangerous job of cutting down trees on very dangerous terrain that otherwise has claimed many lives so far. The current prototype doesn’t have a cutter or saw but once the initial testing phase is over Tarzan will be the first ever robotic lumberjack in town.

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