Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by O.A.M.C. is toughest pair money can buy

Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by OAMC

Not that if I fear being shot in the feet someday, but I definitely love the kind of protection these only-of-its-kind Kevlar Radial Low Shoes offer. Developed by Over All Master Cloth (O.A.M.C.) in collaboration with well-known French shoemaker Atelier Heschung, the dress kicks are made from bullet-resistant material, Kevlar, which is used primarily in body armors and ballistic protection gear. The specially crafted Kevlar Radial Low Shoes feature lightweight Kevlar upper construction, and accents along the collar and the heel are made from supple calf leather.

Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by OAMC

Not bulletproof, but certainly the toughest shoes you can lay hands on, the $862 Kevlar Radial Low Shoes are fully hand-sewn and feature woven laces, Norwegian Welt for waterproofing and fluorescent color heel pull. Since, we wouldn’t buy the shoes on mere claims, O.A.M.C. has conducted a field test in a firing range with colt M4 commando machine gun to test the shoes durability. Hit the jump to see the video for yourself.

Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by OAMC

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