GYENNO One Wristband = Smartwatch + Fitness tracker + Sleep analyzer

GYENNO One Wristband smartwatch and fitness tracker

Whenever we feature a product from the Far East, it is downright niche and incomparable to anything on the market or under-development. Amongst all the crazy wearables that we come across every day, smartwatches and fitness trackers are most common. GYENNO One Wristband by GYENNO Technology is the ideal amalgamation of an e-bracelet, smartwatch and fitness tracker that wants to improve your health and productivity.

GYENNO One Wristband smartwatch and fitness tracker

The buttonless watch like fitness tracker uses TapTap control system which monitors your physical activity and gives real time updates regarding any phone calls, emails or notifications from the paired Android or iOS mobile device.

The Activity Detection Mode of this smartwatch keeps a track of your physical activity and calorie intake that helps you in managing the exercise plan. Along with this it also improves your quality of sleep by assessing your sleeping patterns. And not to forget, it has a private alarm clock that vibrates and wakes up the wearer without disturbing others. The watch can also select the optimal time to buzz the alarm by analyzing your sleep patterns.

GYENNO One Wristband smartwatch and fitness tracker specifications

GYENNO One Wristband has Gyenno X technology that automatically detects exercise and sleeping modes, thereby making it easy for you to concentrate on the job at hand.

Currently GYENNO One Wristband is up on crowd-finding platform and has already surpassed the funding goal by three folds. The smartwatch is all set for delivery to early bird users by June 2014 for a discounted price of USD$69.

Quite frankly if GYENNO One Wristband retails for less than $90 it will have many takers, solely because of the features it has and compared to some other smartwatches and fitness trackers, it is dirt cheap at that price.

GYENNO One Wristband smartwatch and fitness tracker

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