Augmented Magnifier shows 1000x magnification overlay with subject metadata

Augmented Magnifier by Anirudh Sharma and Pattie Maes

A magnifying glass does what it claims to do. It magnifies what is being looked at through it. This is how magnifying glass has been since inception, with slight modifications here and there in its magnifying ability. But now, researchers Anirudh Sharma and Pattie Maes at MIT’s Media Labs vision to give the magnifying glass a transparent display to transform it into an Augmented Magnifier.

Designed to combine benefits of optics with digitalization – the Augmented Magnifier features functionality of a magnifying glass and the digital brilliance of a transparent display. And with the assistance of a RGB camera on-board, the Augmented Magnifier can show a 1000x magnification overlay along with metadata of the subject being magnified.

The magnifier is based on OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) and has a built-in camera. As displayed in the video below, along with regular magnification, the Augmented Magnifier also displays information regarding a fruit’s molecular levels, its common name and its scientific name. Still in its prototype stage, the magnifier has a potential to hit the market with a bang.

Via: FluidInterfacesGroup



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