ARION1 Velocipede bicycle aims to reach 90mph

ARION1 Velocipede pedal powered bicycle

Come 2015 and we could be seeing a new world record set for the fastest pedal-powered bicycle at the World Human Power Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Team of students over at The University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (ULVT) is designing a capsule shaped bicycle dubbed ARION1 Velocipede which will be ready by next year. Although very precariously shaped like a capsule, this bicycle is aerodynamically superior to a Bugatti Veyron and capable of generating pedal-power that can light up an average home.

ARION1 Velocipede pedal powered bicycle


ARION1 Velocipede has an encapsulate carbon fiber shell as its exterior and enough space to accommodate the rider in its aerodynamically secure housing. The total weight of the bicycle will be 25 kilos and will be able to travel at double the sprint cycling speed. The wheels and the riding frame is hidden away from view to maximize aerodynamic effect of this wonder bicycle. The rider of this compact bicycle will lie in an upright position just 5 inches from the floor and will generate 700 watts of human power.

ARION1 Velocipede pedal powered bicycle

ARION1 Velocipede will be ready in May 2015 and in September it will try and break the previous record of 83.13 mph set in September 2013 by TU Delft and VU Amsterdam universities.

Team leader Ben Hogan said

We are extremely excited about attending the 2015 event and having the opportunity to showcase the UK’s innovation for sustainable transport on an international stage.

According to Philippa Oldham, from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers it is very difficult to achieve a speed of 90 mph by pedal power alone but the cutting edge design of this bicycle will be a marvel for modern engineering.



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