Customizable Vortex Drone fits inside a backpack

Vortex Drone

Finally a drone that is fully customizable and aimed at people who are into professional or hobby photography. Vortex Drone by Vortex Copters can not only lift modern day sophisticated cameras for perspective shooting but also can be used for transporting things from one place to the other. It fits perfectly in your backpack, and whenever needed it can be opened up for use. This customizable robot can take a form of quadcopter, octocopter lifter or a UAV that is out on surveillance operations. The drone can lift photography equipment like Panasonic GH models, Sony Nex models, Black magic pocket etc.

The coaxial motor and arms of this multirotor lifter can be detached and fitted inside the backpack that holds the remote control too. You can also choose to fit aluminum or carbon arms to the drone depending on the kind of weight being lifted. To add to the battery power, a space for 3 battery packs ensures that the drone is never out of fuel for extended use. To fit the camera on Vortex drone multiple gimbal options are there with quick release system.

Vortex can fly for around 15 minutes with 6 lbs of equipment which is enough to take perspective shots or record a video sequence.

For now Vortex drone is up on Kickstarter for funding and doing good so far.



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