Virtual Fitting: Real-Time Garment Simulation for online shoppers

Virtual Fitting Real Time Garment Simulation Rice University

Internet of Things has brought a lot to the existing world and even changed the way we perceive things. Shopping is one thing that has gone virtual in a very short period of time with people looking to save time and money by ordering things online. But when you shop online for clothes more often than not you get disappointed as the color or size don’t really match to your expectations. Either the size is a mismatch or the color doesn’t look good on you when you try it on. Lam Yuk Wong and her design partner Xuaner Cecilia Zhang, both from China, decided to do something about the constant disappointment of online cloth shopping by them as well as their friends. And hence these two Rice University engineering students came up with the solution of a virtual fitting room they call “Virtual Fitting: Real-Time Garment Simulation” which shows the buyer how a particular cloth will look on them in real-time.

The duo used Microsoft Kinect as the scanner to turn the buyer’s actual 3D image into a virtual mannequin with detailed skin and hair color. So when the shopper is testing any apparel online the virtual mannequin shows how that clothing will look, thereby guarantying complete satisfaction while shopping online.

Unlike some of the existing virtual fitting rooms, this one shows the actual 3D mockup of the shopper and ensures the clothing looks just as it would in real time, even with wrinkles! The software developed by the two girls is capable if showing details from all sides so that buyer can be sure of how the clothing will actually look on them.

The duo won $5,000 Willy Revolution Award at Rice’s annual Design Showcase April 17 and now they are all set to present their creation at 27th annual conference of Computer Animation and Social Agents to be held May 26-28 at the University of Houston.



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