Forever lock is unpickable and unbreakable

Foreever lock

Every lock out there us pick-able and poses a security risk to your property or assets. I would disagree on that statement, especially after watching the video that follows. This ladies and gentlemen, is an impregnable lock that thieves would prefer not tinkering around with, simply because they won’t know what to do with it. [Marduk28] got his hands on a very rare lock called Forever Lock made from high quality material, that is for export only and not sold in Taiwan. This lock is used by big companies and rich people who can afford to slash out quite a few dollars to secure their belongings with Forever Lock. As for the functioning of this lock, you’ll understand it better by having a look at the video that follows.

UPDATE: [Marduk28] has promised that he’ll try to get more of these from the manufacturer and will be available at a price of $150 (shipping price excluded).

Via: KeyPicking



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