Forget wallets, MJ Bale Power suit makes all your bill payments

Samurai suit by MJ Bale Power suit

There is no denying that wearable technology is the future, and the best implementation of it is in the clothes we wear. On the same lines Menswear retailer MJ Bale has come up with the world’s first men’s suit named as Samurai that is capable of making payments just with the flick of a wrist. Touted as the world’s most powerful suit by the makers, it has Visa payWave-accessible microchip embedded in the sleeve which functions just like a credit/debit card for making payments. So you could have a lavish dinner or shop for you loved ones, and to make payments, just flick your wrist in front of payment machine, now that is something straight out of the James Bond movie interpretations.

According to Matt Jensen, managing director MJ Bale, the Samurai Suit is tailored to protect the overall appearance of the garment without compromising the embedded technology. So much so that it does not affect the usability and wearability of the suit itself and also eliminates the need to carry around wallets or payment cards.

Samurai Suit a.k.a Power Suit is made from 90 percent Australian Merino wool and 10 percent cashmere by its tailors in Japan. The company claims that the microchip does get affected by dry-cleaning which is a good thing. They also have plans to incorporate this technology in their future line of suits once the pilot program with Visa and Queensland-based Heritage Bank is over.

Samurai suit by MJ Bale

Thus far 11 prototypes of the suit have been released to customers and another one is being auctioned on eBay. The proceeds of this auction will go to 4 ASD Kids charity which supports children with autism spectrum disorders.

Matt added by saying that wearable technology will become an integral part of brands that build clothing and looking to stay abreast the latest innovations.

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