Underwater explosive detecting drone will keep United States shores safe

Explosive detecting underwater drone

Just like the skies, underwater territories are going to be much safer now courtesy those drones. Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J. in collaboration with four other schools are developing an underwater drone that is capable of detecting unexploded bombs, missiles, mines and explosives underwater. For this The Department of Defense gave $15,000 for the development of the drone to escalate the safety of U.S shores and surrounding water bodies.

The drone is currently under development and is equipped with an array of sensors, giving it the ability to detect almost any kind of explosive material. And considering that almost 30 million pounds of abandoned explosives plague the coasts of United States this drone plays a pivotal role in keeping the seas safe for people.

To enhance the ability of this underwater drone a notch higher, it has been loaded with metal detector to identify metal-encased bombs. The drone can be controlled wirelessly by an operator who can see the proceedings via a camera.

Via: FoxNews/Discovery



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