Peril Sensitivity Sunglasses shut your eyes to things that evoke anxiety

Peril sensitivity sunglasses

Something that alarms you or makes you paranoid should be avoided and not seen. For example while climbing a ladder if there is a considerable drop then people with fear of heights will have difficulty in accomplishing the task at hand. To counter this problem team [colabot] has made Peril Sensitivity Sunglasses which don’t let you see things that can rise anxiety or may be offending to you. Based on Douglas Adams Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, these glasses are made from Sony PS3 3D Shutter Glasses by making small alterations to the existing design.

Peril Sensitivity Sunglasses have temperature sensor, pulse sensor, ambient light sensor, sound detector sensor, accelerometer and Arduino controller to make them function in the intended manner. The glasses have been loaded with all these sensors to detect the first signs of anxiety and proactively shut down the vision by making the glasses opaque.

Peril Sensitivity Sunglasses are a way to get over your fears and hide from view the things that cause a psychotic behavior or anxiety, thereby making them useful for selected situations. The prototype version of these glasses are currently being development and only a few little changes are being done to make them function perfectly.

Peril sensitivity sunglasses

Via: HackADay



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