PiPhone – Raspberry Pi powered touchscreen cell phone for just $158 [Video]

PiPhone Raspberry Pi phone by David Hunt

Raspberry Pi single board computer in the right hands can create amazing DIY gizmos, and this PiPhone is one example of the capabilities of Raspberry Pi. David Hunt got the idea of making a cell phone from Raspberry Pi and he did an awesome job of creating a compact sized cell phone that has an AdaFruit touchscreen interface and Sim900 GSM/GPRS module connected to the single board computer for making calls. To power up the electronics of this DIY phone, David fitted a LiPo battery between the TFT screen and Raspberry Pi.

PiPhone Raspberry Pi phone by David Hunt

David got hold of all the other electronic components required to complete this project from online shopping sites and the total cost of whole project summed to $158 plus some man hours. Now that is quite impressive considering that the phone has a very prominent touchscreen dialing pad. It cannot be compared to your high-end Android-powered, Windows or iOS devices that can do practically everything, but still it is a very good DIY project.

The only problem with PiPhone is the amount of heat it produces around the CPU if it is left on for several minutes, but David is very sure he’ll solve this problem with relocation of the electronics or fitting a small fan for circulation of air.

Credit: AdaFruit



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