Westunitis Inforod – World’s lightest 3D augmented reality glasses

Westunitis Inforod head mounted display glasses

Google Glasses have had so many competitors in the past few months, looking to dethrone these premium glasses from the top spot for augmented reality glasses. Another one that has jumped into the stiff wearable technology market is Inforod by Japanese firm Westunitis from Osaka. These head-mounted display glasses weigh just 48 grams, and the LCD screen resolution of 400×240 (WQVGA) seems a bit lower than that of Google Glasses at 640×360 pixels. These glasses run on Android 4.2 operating system with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate with other compatible devices. According to the makers these HMD glasses are the lightest in the world so far and with a 3.8mm display screen might also be the thinnest. The processing hardware of Inforod include 1 GB of RAM and flash chip capacity of 8 GB processor with low power consumption.

Westunitis Inforod head mounted display glasses

To provide the user with real world like augmented reality environment, these glasses are loaded with latest accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensors. Inforod Glasses have a 300 mAh battery unit that makes them last for one hour on heavy load, for example while recording full HD videos of 720p with the in-built 2MP camera.

Westunitis Inforod head mounted display glasses

Source: Westunitis



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