Solar-powered sunglasses that issue alerts on your phone when misplaced

Tzukuri sunglasses

If you are a person who is too busy with things and in the habit of forgetting personal accessories in public places, then you are well of buying cheap ones. Atleast you won’t regret buying an expensive pair of sunglasses and realizing some day later that you forgot them at the park. But now you can afford that as folks over at Tzukuri have released a pair of solar-powered sunglasses that will alert you via iPhone everytime you somehow forget your sunglasses in public place. These iBeacon-powered sunglasses work with your iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity by connecting to an app and the system is intelligent enough to know when you are at home or office to not send out alerts when the two are parted away.

Tzukuri sunglasses

The initial alert on your phone comes when you are 16 feet away from the glasses, then at 32 feet and 50 feet away. When you dismiss the first alert and pick up your forgotten glasses the sunglasses stop this alert cycle. The thing also works conversely if you have forgotten your phone somewhere, then the app issues an extra loud ring.

The sunglasses work seamlessly as they have a solar-powered chip that charges on the go and all you have to worry about is enjoying your life in the summer sun. But all this will work only if Tzukuri sunglasses fit your style statement and you eventually want to wear them everywhere you go.

Tzukuri sunglasses will be available for $250 from December 2014 and you can pre-order them for $50 right now. And it is expected that the price will rise by $100 if you buy it then.

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