Homemade animatronics Iron Man suit rivals the real thing

Homemade Iron Man MK-III suit

Out of all the Iron Man Suit DIY projects that we have features so far, this one impressed me the most, simply because it is fully functional animatronics version of the real Iron Man MK-III. Professional jeweler Jerome Kelty who is an avid prop maker for movies, as a hobby, took over the suit made from fiberglass by his friend Greg Hatter who needed help in completing the suit. This homemade Iron Made Suit has 20 servo-motors, digital sound board and 4 Arduino micro-controllers that control the various sections of the suit individually.

This Iron Man MK-III animatronic suit is way above all the rest when considered from the technology perspective as it has fully functional parts like popping out helmet, retractable rocket launchers in the forearm, missiles in the shoulders, light up boots, moving back flips and the hip pods.

The overall design of this Iron Man suit is very detailed is still not complete. So you can assume what it will look and feel like when complete. A great DIY project that shows what a bit of dedication and creativity can do.

We’ll have all the details of this project when it is complete and hope to see even more additions to the existing version under development.

Via: Instructables/HackADay



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