Vow Smart Headphones for chatting with friends and listening to online music

Vow Smart headphones

Finally a pair of headphones that let you connect to online services like Pandora or Douban Radio, and even better, you can chat with your friends using these headphones. Vow Smart Headphones are the world’s first smart headphones that let you connect to Android compatible chatting applications like We Chat and enjoy music as the same time. So the question would be, how does one chat on these headphones?

Well, Vow headphones have a detachable touchscreen module on the outside of each ear cup which is connected to the headphones using Bluetooth connectivity. And the headphones can also be used like usual headphones to listen to music from connected mobile devices or portable music players. As for the connectivity, the headphones can connect to 3G or WiFi seamlessly and let you enjoy online music without any connected devices.

When you don’t want to chat on these headphones, the touchscreen acts as an interface to change songs or toggle the volume. For example, if you want to change the track, simply flick the finger up on the touchscreen or down to play next or previous songs.

Vow Headphones are up on Kickstarter platform for funding and the prototype version of these headphones looks impressive. The built quality is quite good and although it is not clear as how they sound, but still so much work has been put into their making that we can assume they sound good.

Vow Smart headphones

Vow Headphones look good to make it past the funding goal, and if they do, it will be a very fresh entry into the whole gadget arena. For early backers the headphones will cost $399 and we can only assume the price to be more when it retails.

So, those of you interested in having a pair of headphones that connect you to your friends and also let you enjoy popular online radio stations, investing money in this Kickstarter project would be a good investment.

Vow Smart headphones



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