Amulet Computational Jewelry connects seamlessly with fitness and health trackers

Amulet Computational Jewelry

Researchers from Clemson University and Darthmouth College have made computational jewelry that supports mobile health tracking applications from your wearable fitness devices and mobile devices. Called as Amulet Computational Jewelry, this wristband like device keep an extensive track of wearer’s physical activity and monitors overall body health. Not only that, the device is made in such a way that developers can create intuitive health applications that fit seamlessly into everyday life. They can develop apps that fully exploit the capabilities of your smartphone’ hardware and constricts the gap between the computing with a mobile device and wearable device.

Amulet Computational Jewelry

The best thing about Amulet Computational Jewelry is its ability to communicate with other wearable health and fitness tracking devices to approve seamless transfer of health information. This wristband also provides critical health data to responders whenever the wearer is experiencing a medical emergency.

As the research is going on to make this amazing piece of computational jewelry some facts worth pondering over include the reliability, security, privacy and usability of such wearable devices. And to provide all these properties in one device so that it can overhaul the constraints in power resources of wearable jewelry.

Jacob Sorber, developer of Amulet and assistant professor in the Computer Science Division at Clemson

Our vision is that computational jewelry, like Amulet, provides the properties essential for successful body-area mobile health networks. This devices coordinates the activity of the body-area network and provides a discreet means for communicating with their wearer.

Source: NewsStand Via: EurekAlert



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